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Research Help

The librarians and staff of the Arthur A. Wishart Library are here to help you with your research. We offer a number of in-person and onlines services to assist you.

Below you'll find answers to your most frequently asked questions. Have a question that isn't here? You can submit your questions and feedback through our Contact Form.

How do I find the full-text of an article?


Sometimes a database search will return the citation and abstract of an article, but will not include the full text of the article. 

In order to avoid retrieving only citations, databases will sometimes allow you to select "Full-text only" for your search. You can check this option if available to ensure you only receive full-text results. 

Ebsco Full Text selection

If you find a resource you're interest in and there is no full-text article provided in that database, select the "Full Text Finder" or "Get It At Algoma" option (title will vary depending on the database you are using). This will show you whether or not we subscribe to that journal, and what database it can be found in.

Find Full-Text @ My Library imageGet it at Algoma imageFull Text Finder image

Be sure to check the availability information for the journal. The journal could appear in more than one database, with different years of availability. You will need to know what year your article was published in. This information can be found by checking the citation information you retrieved in your initial database search.

Still haven't found the full-text article? You can also try our A-Z Journal Title search to check whether we subscribe to the journal. 

If we don't subscribe to this particular journal, you can submit an ILL Request for the article.